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     AMA PBA values each of its donors, sponsors, speakers and community partners. The relationships created are beneficial for, not just the chapter, but for its partners as well! AMA PBA gives its donors and sponsors access to driven business students who are prepared and eager to apply knowledge and skills learned in class to real world business ventures. Speakers and community partners have access to valuable networking time.


     College campus logo recognition, business-specific market plans, and interns are just a few of the sources AMA PBA can provide for its partners. Please contact us to build a relationship today. 


Mav3n Digital and Political Hype founder and CEO, Mary Anna Mancuso discussed social media management within Mav3n Digital, and her career as a political strategist, representing Political Hype.

  • Mav3n Digital
  • Mary Anna Mancuso

Amber Tollefson

  • Docu+Brand Creative
  • Docu+Brand Creative

Much thanks to Amber Tollefson, president at Docu+Brand Creative and co-founder of The Flamingo House, a community-based co-working environment in Boca Raton, Florida. Using her extensive and impressive expertise built from past and current careers, Amber enlightened our AMA members on the evolution of video, branding, and animation.

Dr. Jake Hyde

The engaging Dr. Hyde joined us for our last October Experience Speaks meeting this Halloween. He brought our members into the conversation of marketing ethics and social media health. Thanks for

hanging out with us, Dr. Hyde!

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  • Jake Hyde
  • Sozo Wellness

William Brasmar

     Our deepest thanks goes out to president at KPA Promotions and Awards, William Brasmar. He shared his time and promotional advertising expertise with AMA PBA. How kind he was to bring personalized AMA PBA branded bag tags!

     We thank you, William Brasmar.

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Daly Kay Reback

     With our members, local Bolay brand manager, Daly Kay shared her dynamic story and experience in marketing and branding at Bolay.

  • Bolay
  • Bolay
  • Daly Kay Repack

Jennifer Hampton

A huge thank you to Jennifer for using her extensive expertise to teach our members how to effectively market themselves via LinkedIn.

  • Jennifer Hampton
  • Jennifer Hampton
  • Jennifer Hampton

Donald C. Kelly

The Sales Evangelist, Donald C. Kelly

partnered with us in training our members on the most effective strategy for winning the AMA's Annual Outbound Sales Competition.

Check out his dynamic podcast: The Sales Evangelist.

  • Donald C Kelly
  • Donald C Kelly
  • Donald C Kelly
  • Donald C Kelly




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